Sunday, September 13, 2009

Life SUCKS & Then You Die!!!

These pictures were taken on our way to Salt Lake, both of us in our Keith Urban t-shirts that I made, before we knew our terrible fate!

I've been waiting NINE long months (I bought the tickets in January) to see Keith Urban in concert in Salt Lake City and I couldn't wait for it. I couldn't believe the time was here and I was on my way. Kim and I left about 11:00 a.m., on Thursday, September 10th, and got to Sandy a little before 3:00 p.m., so I could get my hair highlighted and cut by my second cousin, Megan. I had to look good for my Keith, don't ya know (I'd gotten my nails done the day before). It took a VERY long time and so Kim and I had to get ready for the concert in the salon and we left in just enough time and with high hopes. All the way to the E-Center we were listening to and singing our guts out to Keith's newest CD, and we counted down the minutes until we saw him. Little Big Town was the opening act and we were going to get there just in time to hear them sing.

We exited off the freeway and I said to Kim, "Keith Urban is in Salt Lake RIGHT NOW!!" and we screamed like little girls. We were BEYOND excited to see him and hear him in person. Kim and I had been anticipating this for so long and we were in DESPERATE need of some fun and exhiliration. I can't describe how AWESOME he is in concert and how our adrenaline just flowed when we saw him last, so we new it would be just as good or even better this time. Kim and I both needed the break, the fun and the outlet.

So we pull up to the E-Center and I see a parking space right across from it. NO WAY!!! We CAN'T be this lucky!!! While I'm parking the car Kim says, "Kirsten, there's no one here!" I say, "What?" I look over and the whole E-Center is COMPLETELY black and there is not a soul around. There's a big ticker tape sign and we see the words, "Keith Urban" and we sit there hoping that it's going to say, "September 11th," but I'm starting to get a REALLY bad feeling!!! Then the sign quickly says, "September 9th." Kim and I just look at each other, I reach for our tickets and there it is in black and white..."Keith Urban, Energy Solutions, SEPTEMBER 9TH!!!!" How can this be true??? How could we be a day LATE??!!!!! OHHHHHHH, THE AGONY!!!

We had to sit there for awhile because it just didn't sink it. It felt like we were in the twilight zone and someone was playing a REALLY bad joke on us. Some would ask, "How could this have happened?" and I say, "BECAUSE I'M STUPID!!!!!!" I bought the tickets in January and I remember thinking when I bought them that the concert was the day before we saw him last time, which was on September 11, so that would be the 10th. I just never looked at the tickets again.

I was so upset that I couldn't even stuff food (bad for me food like candy or ice cream) down my THAT'S upset!!! My stomach HURT so bad!!! It hurt like that for two days. I'm not even sure I can listen to his music anymore without it bringing back that horrible feeling. I'm so sorry to Kim for messing everything up. We did get to stay at Rhett's house and stay up late talking to him and we also got to take Autumn out to breakfast the next morning before she leaves for Air Force basic training in a few weeks.

Kim and I expected to come back refreshed and rejuvenated and ready to face the next few months, however, I think we both came back feeling worse...oh, well...sometimes LIFE SUCKS AND THEN YOU DIE!!!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

K E I T H U R B A N!!!! Here I Come, Baby!!!!

In just a few minutes I'm leaving with Kim for Salt Lake City so we can go see our fav, Keith Urban!!! I AM SO EXCITED!!! I'm sure you will ALL have to look at tons of pictures and you should also be grateful that you aren't with us, 'cuz we make all kinds of fools of ourselves...HE IS YUMMY!!! Don't worry, we're both taking drool buckets. :0)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary You Lovebirds!!!!

Today is my parents 46th wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad. Thanks for being a wonderful example of unconditional love, hard work, compassion and enduring to the end. I love you both!

Keep 'Em Comin'!!!

Amber is due with her third child March 31st. If it's a girl she wants to name her Wynter Elizabeth (Amber's middle name), but she's not sure since the baby really isn't due in a month usually associated with winter. March is still technically winter though and I think it's a beautiful name. Brooke's Summer was born in November and no one thinks it's a big deal. If Amber has a daughter named Wynter then we will have a Wynter, a Summer, and an Autumn in our family. Now we just need a girl with a spring about "Spring"...NOT!! : ) If it's a boy his name will be Fisher Malachi. Amber is hoping for a boy because then she and Jake will try again for another girl, but if it's a girl they will most likely be done (so sad for me...:0( ).
Emily is due with her fourth baby on Valentine's Day (awwww...what a true expression of love!), and if she has a boy his name will be Daxton Richard (after Ric) and if it's a girl her name will be Kaidence Kathleen (Emily's middle name). Emily's worried about Kaidence marrying someone with a last name that starts with the letter "K," but I say the chances are slim. It would be a little akward if her initials were KKK. :0) She and Brian are feeling like it's going to be a boy and then little Taider Bug will have a brother, but I'm sure they will be happy with whatever the baby is. I want Taidan to have a little brother too, but I'm kind of getting the girl vibe and I'm usually right so we'll have to see. I haven't totally committed to it being a girl yet, but I will post it before they find out.

Ric and I are so excited for grandbabies number 6 and 7 and we really don't care what gender they are. We just pray that they will be healthy and happy and for them to love their grammy and grampa...LOL! We are so blessed!

Why do I always set myself up for failure??

So, Thursday night I decide I want some extra money so when I go to the Keith Urban concert in Salt Lake on the 10th I can have plenty of money to play, buy a concert t-shirt, take my niece out to breakfast and have my second cousin, Megan, cut and highlight my hair. My great idea is to have a garage sale on Saturday, which gives me only Friday to get ready for it...BEST idea EVER, right? WRONG!!! Who knew garage sales were so much work?

I work feverishly all day, going through my house and also lots of boxes in our storage unit. I realize in the early evening that there is NO WAY I can have everything done in time. I'll have to stay up all night going through more of the storage unit, organizing everything, making and putting out signs and pricing the items. I start to freak out, but then Kim and Morris save the day and offer to do the garage sale at their house next Saturday and to do it with me. I'm happy, but feel like a loser because I didn't accomplish my goal. Next time my goal will be to do the dishes by the end of the day and maybe, just maybe, I can accomplish what I set out to do!! I guess I won't be buying that overpriced concert tee, but oh well!!

I did find a bunch of stuff in boxes in my storage unit though that I hadn't seen in years. I found my bridal shower present from my dear, sweet Grandma Barney that was a groom and a bride made out of dish towels, crocheted hot pads and some other hand towels that she had made. I don't want to use them because they are too precious to me so I think I will put them in my hope chest. I also found tons of pictures of when the girls were small, some of my FBI stuff and a bunch of my holiday decorations that I haven't been able to use for years since I could never find them!! YAY! I look forward to finding even more long lost treasures when I finally do have my garage sale.