Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why do I always set myself up for failure??

So, Thursday night I decide I want some extra money so when I go to the Keith Urban concert in Salt Lake on the 10th I can have plenty of money to play, buy a concert t-shirt, take my niece out to breakfast and have my second cousin, Megan, cut and highlight my hair. My great idea is to have a garage sale on Saturday, which gives me only Friday to get ready for it...BEST idea EVER, right? WRONG!!! Who knew garage sales were so much work?

I work feverishly all day, going through my house and also lots of boxes in our storage unit. I realize in the early evening that there is NO WAY I can have everything done in time. I'll have to stay up all night going through more of the storage unit, organizing everything, making and putting out signs and pricing the items. I start to freak out, but then Kim and Morris save the day and offer to do the garage sale at their house next Saturday and to do it with me. I'm happy, but feel like a loser because I didn't accomplish my goal. Next time my goal will be to do the dishes by the end of the day and maybe, just maybe, I can accomplish what I set out to do!! I guess I won't be buying that overpriced concert tee, but oh well!!

I did find a bunch of stuff in boxes in my storage unit though that I hadn't seen in years. I found my bridal shower present from my dear, sweet Grandma Barney that was a groom and a bride made out of dish towels, crocheted hot pads and some other hand towels that she had made. I don't want to use them because they are too precious to me so I think I will put them in my hope chest. I also found tons of pictures of when the girls were small, some of my FBI stuff and a bunch of my holiday decorations that I haven't been able to use for years since I could never find them!! YAY! I look forward to finding even more long lost treasures when I finally do have my garage sale.

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dina marie said...

Ha! I love the part about your goal being to do the dishes by the end of the day. On my hard days, that is one of mine so I can totally relate. I hope the sale goes well next week. It is fun to run across things that we haven't thought about in years.